temptation speed – The world's fastest motorised desk



Whether set up as an individual workplace or a workspace for the team: Sitstand workstations have been established  as standard and offer added value in all aspects. They allow freedom of choice for the user and provide excellent desk work ergonomics.

The speed motorisation is available for the tables temptation c speed
and temptation smart twin speed.

With the height adjustment speed of 150 mm per second, temptation speed is the world’s fastest motorised desk.

The benefits of a height-adjustable desk are often not taken advantage of because it takes too long to move the desk from the lower to the upper position. temptation speed offers the solution – due to innovative electronics and a powerful motor, the height adjustment is carried out in no time at all. Changing of posture is encouraged. Quick and simple.

Performance in Hand

The individual desk for
ambitious performers

Due to its simple and elegant design, the individual desk is ideally suited for use in individual offices as well as in open office environments. The quick height adjustment is an added value for all users who care about changing posture and health.

Dimensions: 1600 x 800 mm

The twin model
for working together

temptation smart twin speed can also be used as a double or team workplace. With its simple, elegant design, this model fits perfectly into modern working environments. Four robust table legs for two workstations provide stability and, at the same time, freedom of movement.

Dimensions: 1600 x 1700 mm

Design features

The motorised desk meets a wide range of design requirements:
It can be configured as a single or double workstation and comes in various frame and desktop colours.


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