se:mood – Four-leg chair for workspaces and break areas

Work together, take a break together

When it comes to modern office and workplace concepts as well as areas in which people work creatively together, the design requirements are particulary  high. The interior design should be harmonious and, at the same time, adaptable, with products that create a feel-good atmosphere without being too imposing. The se:mood makes it all possible: Surprisingly different, activating and versatile.

With its puristic design, the se:mood fits everywhere where spontaneous seating is required. Whether it's a short conversation in the waiting area, a short break in the cafeteria or concentrated reading in the library, the four-leg chair is an elegant partner. 



Innovative design with a slim silhouette

At first glance, it is an elegant four-leg chair; at second glance, it is a refined piece of seating furniture. The seat shell and backrest of the se:mood are one piece, the armrests are an integral part of the frame and are connected to form a round arch. Since the rear seat area of the shell is free-floating, the backrest assumes an activating function. The result is a seating experience that reminds one of a cantilever chair – all due to the innovative design.


Attractive all-rounder

It can be perfectly used as a meeting chair, it fits in libraries and co-working areas and cuts a fine figure in cafeterias and canteens. The se:mood is equally suitable for both indoors and outdoors: It can also be temporarily used in covered terrace areas.

Perfect fit everywhere

The light appearance and the elegant form are the result of the reduced design. Consisting of frame and shell made of a maximum of two materials, the four-leg chair creates a calm effect and yet makes a statement in a wide variety of environments. The following principle applies: black always works, the models in basalt grey and pale grey bring modern flair to any room. Can the se:mood be a little more colourful? The seat shells in antique pink and fjord green provide additional accents. Optionally, the seat shell is also available in PET felt – in light grey or anthracite.

Design features

Beautifully designed

A harmonious working environment contributes significantly to well-being and productivity. Well-conceived furnishings, pleasant fabric and material combinations as well as the choice of colour accents are key factors for achieving this goal. Whether Smart Balance, Soft Being, Urban Living or Multi Creation – the se:mood can easily be adapted to any of these colour schemes.


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