se:hub – Smart Office hub for the digital workspace

The growing flexibility at the workplace is increasingly changing the way we work. This makes it all the more important to make central services, such as post, document and fleet management easily and safely accessible at all times, independent of any particular employee's availability.

This is where the se:hub comes into play. The intelligent locker unit helps to send documents in compliance with data protection regulations and between departments, to hand over faulty IT equipment and to contactlessly distribute new goods. Laptops and work documents can also be safely locked overnight. Vehicle keys and documents can be made available independent of working hours.

Operation via app or at the terminal

The electronic lockers can be easily accessed via app on the smartphone or directly at the terminal. Visitors can also register directly and thus book a free locker at any time. The locker cabinet is virtually transferred to the app, making it intuitive to use and enabling the user to quickly find the desired locker.



•    Central services, such as document management, fleet management,
     IT and postal services
•    Open-plan offices
•    Reception areas
•    Meeting and seminar rooms
•    Co-working areas

Design features